What They’re Saying About Us

The tutors at PointX have worked patiently with my son to clearly explain concepts and importantly show him how to approach and answer questions. Our tutor has exceptional knowledge of a number of academic subjects and is skilled at ensuring that a readily distracted teenager stayed focussed for the full tutoring session. The extra tuition didn’t magically produce a math genius, but his marks and belief in his ability have improved by a huge amount.

Jodie, Parent

My HSC went smoothly and I'm so thankful that PointX helped me improve along the way! They definitely improved my English and Maths tremendously and I can't thank you guys enough!

Brendon, Student

PointX Education started with our son in Year 9 to help him with planning and time management. It wasn't long before we saw significant improvement in our son's performance.  The result was he improved his ability to plan his time, focus on assignments and apply himself to his work, and the improvements were directly attributable to the period when PointX provided tutoring support across various subjects and stages of the school syllabus.

Our tutor was always committed to providing the most excellent level of support, regularly checking in with me before and after sessions and also making himself available around the clock to check in and offer support when assignments were due. I would not hesitate to recommend the tutors at PointX Education; they always demonstrate a level of maturity, professionalism and ability well beyond their years.

Bernadette, Parent

PointX got an outstanding English tutor for me in 2018, as they always pushed me to do my best throughout my HSC year. Motivation was always a problem for me, but their rigorous structure not only pushed me to do the required work, but also to extend beyond into new areas, texts, and practice tests that gave me the ideas and experience needed to excel. While at the time I would say the process was difficult, I am glad to have PointX help me through, as they were one of the main reasons I was able to place near the top for standard English in my school.

Daniel, Student

Thank you so much for being such a positive tutor to our son. We really appreciate the effort you put into him!

Grace, Parent

I'm very thankful that PointX Education got me the help I needed. The tutor they gave me was flexible, providing me guidance in a wide range of subjects including: English, Maths, Economics and Latin. More than that though, I felt that I also gained confidence in my ability to learn.

Maddy, Student

PointX Education tutored my son in English for his HSC all through Year 12. The tutoring structure was directed and supported by the set curriculum and school guidelines, but PointX Education brought meaning and relevance to this. Our tutor's experience and knowledge of the English syllabus allowed my son to be steered in the right direction, and he guided him towards the supporting texts required that were suited to my son's ability and goals.

The tutors of PointX Education have great skills in writing and communication as well as the texts being studied which all culminated in better than expected results. Most importantly, we had far less stress in achieving these results than with our previous two sons who did not have the benefit of PointX's tutoring.  As to our tutor, Panayiotis, specifically, he is always polite, punctual and professional!

Sandi, Parent

In the midst of another lockdown, I started to lose my motivation and discipline to study effectively for the HSC exams. I needed someone who could inspire and guide me throughout that journey. PointX Education did exactly that.

My tutor Panayiotis assisted me with Math and English. He failed to give up on me, which gave me the confidence to persevere. He made it easy for me to understand the ideas he communicated because of how well he articulated these ideas. He is not only a great tutor, he is a great person. Panayiotis is very caring and open-minded. He would never give up and always tried his best to ensure that I reached my potential.

Jake, Student