Meet the Team

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Panayiotis Xenos

Founder, English Tutor

Panayiotis has been pursuing a career in English tutoring for the past 6 years. He enjoys the satisfaction of helping students achieve their goals and in growing their understanding of core concepts.

He has represented Australia at the WFUNA International Model UN which is run in conjunction with the United Nations at both high school and university levels. Panayiotis has also graduated from UNSW with a Bachelor of Commerce (Major in Finance)/Law. 

Panayiotis established PointX Education in response to the lack of emphasis in conceptual-based learning in many modern education centres. He understands that long term academic success requires patience, clear explanation of core concepts and an eagerness to learn. He prepares all sessions accordingly.

Mridula Tirumala

English Tutor

Mridula is studying a Bachelor of Commerce/Information Systems at UNSW. Having achieved a Band 6 in English, Biology and PDHPE she is as flexible as she is determined to see her students achieve their dream results.

She has been dedicated to working with her students' strengths and improving upon their weaknesses to help them become the most confident and successful version of themselves. She believes that everyone has the potential to achieve amazing marks and all it takes is clear communication and some encouragement to bring it out.

Her simple to understand technique provides an effective alternative to rote learning that leaves students feeling better prepared and less stressed in the lead-up to their exams.


Yash Mishra

Mathematics Tutor

Yash is studying a Bachelor of Science and Actuarial Studies at Macquarie University. Having ranked 1st in his school in Mathematics Extension 1, Chemistry, Physics and 2nd in Mathematics Extension 2, he is a highly capable tutor. On top of his high level of intelligence he is methodical, offering carefully prepared and curated lessons for all of his students. Yash is pursuing a career teaching Mathematics, Science and Statistics at a tertiary level and approaches tutoring with a dedication that reflects this passion for education.

Yash is a highly dedicated educator who genuinely cares about upholding a high quality of tutoring. He is excited to tutor for PointX Education because they share his values and long-term attitude towards learning.

James Stewart

Mathematics Tutor

James is finishing a Bachelor of Advanced Science (Honours) at UNSW, specialising in Mathematics and Physics. During his studies he has worked as a teaching assistant for 1st Year Physics Problem-Solving Workshops and has gained experience in private tutoring for 1st Year Physics.

After he has completed his degree, he plans to pursue a PhD in Physics, in order to become a university lecturer. James is passionate about Particle Physics, Mathematics and Cosmology, learning more about what makes up the universe and teaching what he finds to others.

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Georgia Galanos

Marketing Co-ordinator

Georgia has been in charge of social media for numerous non-for-profit organisations such as the Kytherian Youth Association, Pink Saint Official and being the Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Officer for the UNSW Hellenic Society. Georgia is studying a Bachelor of Media (PR and Advertising)/Design at UNSW. 

She has been pursuing teaching music for 4 years and is pursuing music teaching as a career. She has been shortlisted for the HSC Encore Performance and achieved a 97 in HSC Music 1. 

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