About Us

Why Choose Us?

At PointX Education our vision is to help students become the best possible versions of themselves. We believe that education is a critical building block empowering young people to reach their aspirations. Through our easy-to-understand process, our students have achieved remarkable results, both in their academic performance and in their confidence to learn.

At PointX, we have three core values:


Our committed tutors always start by identifying a student’s long-term aspirations. By showing the relationship between a student’s efforts in their studies and these goals, we can foster an earnest spirit for independent learning. We strongly believe in positive encouragement, guiding them to be intrinsically driven in pursuing their goals.


Our diverse team of highly specialised and dedicated educators take the time to do more than simply repeat what is said in the classroom.  Our ability to explain concepts in a down-to-earth manner demonstrates the deep understanding our tutors have of the material.

No matter the subject area, our ability to plainly show students what is asked of them and what markers look for, through close reference to NESA guidelines and the relevant syllabuses. For a student to prove that they have truly understood concepts, they should be able to express them in their own words using simplified language.


At PointX, we have found that the most effective way to learn is to teach peers. Teaching a concept in different terms encourages a comprehensive understanding. We believe that collaboration amongst peers produces a result that is greater than the sum of its parts. Education is based upon the exchange of ideas, which helps enrich all people involved. What sets us apart from other tutors is our unique emphasis on this principle, and its positive impact on our students’ performance.

Don’t just take our word for it though! Our student forum and growing pool of academic resources show our commitment to this.

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